• Learn about ways higher education institutions support cultural heritage organisations (CHOs) in their revival through open innovation in the post-pandemic era. Project results will identify how higher education institutions can contribute to citizen-driven open innovation projects for the benefit of European cultural heritage organizations.
  • Join the six modules on Higher Education Open Innovation for the benefit of Cultural Organizations: These modules are designed to train Higher Education (HE) staff and students on open innovation methods and practices.
  • Join one of our 10 Open Innovation events: Through hacktivism, the maker movement, citizen science and crowd initiatives such as crowdfunding and crowdsourcing, you’ll get the opportunity to assess the impact of open innovation tools to the revival of CHOs.
  • Upgrade your institution`s curriculum: We’ll dedicate a special publication, along with learning and training resources, on change in HE regarding academic curricula and teaching practices in light of open innovation for the benefit of cultural organizations.


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